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    We are an under construction factions server that hopes to launch by the end of April.
    (Updates in our announcements channel)
    But until we launch we welcome you to come and chill in ThePub's official discord.:)

    This map we have 3 completely CUSTOM bosses, 12+ CUSTOM crates, CUSTOM enchants, and much more

    Join the discord and go to our announcements channel to see the showcase of our Snow themed boss
    Frost Boss showcase link:

    Hope to see you over in our Discord :);):cool:

    IP: Play.Thepubmc.com
    Webstore: http://store.thepubmc.net/
    Large discounts if you buy a Pre-launch package (Ranks, Money, Spawners, and a custom kit for our prelaunch supporters)
    Forums: http://www.thepubmc.net/
    Discord: https://discord.gg/t58VE66


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