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    Before your thread will be accepted to the hosting forum you need to reach the following requirements. If you don't reach these requirement please post your service in the unverified hosting forum.

    • Your business must be existing for more then 3 months.
    • Your business must have at least 50 customers.
    • Your business must have a website. Discord sales are not allowed.
    • The post must be created by the owner of the company. Staff are not allowed to make the thread for them.
    • Your business must have a terms of service and a secure website with SSL
    ! If your company is legally registered you can post your thread and don't have to apply to the first 2 rules above !


    • Support related questions are not allowed. Please contact the host directly.
    • Giveaways are allowed, but your thread is not to be used for giveaways entries.
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