Hydra Factions Looking for Youtubers / Streamers and Advertisers!

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    HydraFactions Season Release

    Owned By Sam & SuperBicz

    HydraFactions is an OG style Factions server with a modern twist of unique Factions ideas such as:
    :pushpin: KOTH
    :pushpin: Flat End
    :pushpin: MCMMO
    :pushpin: Based on PotionPvP
    :pushpin: Smooth Knockback
    :pushpin: Smooth PvP
    :pushpin: Lagless
    :pushpin: Factions Upgrades
    :pushpin: Invite challenges and rewards
    :pushpin: 1 week GracePeriod
    :pushpin: Youtubers
    :pushpin: Streamers
    :pushpin: Alot of Unique stuff

    Important Information
    :pushpin: Release Date: Saturday 24th March 2018
    :pushpin: Release Time: 5PM GMT
    :pushpin: IP: play.hydrafactions.com or hydrafactions.com
    :pushpin: Website: https://hydrafactions.com/portal/
    :pushpin: Store: https://hydrafaction.buycraft.net
    :pushpin: Discord: https://discord.gg/qQeR5rJ

    Faction Prizes
    :pushpin: FTop: $500 USD PayPal / $450 USD Buycraft
    :pushpin: Each season is 2 months

    Inviting Rewards
    :pushpin: 5 Invites: Custom Discord role (no staff name or staff role name)
    :pushpin: 10 Invites: 1 Common crate key in-game
    :pushpin: 25 Invites: Supporter Rank
    :pushpin: 30 Invites: Hero Rank
    :pushpin: 40 Invites: 2x Common and 2x Uncommon crate key
    :pushpin: 50 Invites: March Monthly Crate
    :pushpin: 60 Invites: 5x Mystery Spawners
    :pushpin: 70 Invites: 25$ Buycraft coupon
    :pushpin: 80 Invites: 5$ PAYPAL
    :pushpin: 100 Invites: 15$ PAYPAL
    :pushpin: 150 Invites: Almighty Rank
    :pushpin: 200 Invites: All tags unlocked
    :pushpin: 250 Invites: 20x Legendary crate key, 10x Common crate key
    :pushpin: 300 Invites: 50$ PAYPAL

    My discord is Sam^#6975 Contact me if you want to advertise!

    Kind Regards,
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