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    MC-Lounge Discord Bot Commands
    Music Commands
    -lyrics <song title> | Show the lyrics of the given song title.
    -np or -nowplaying | Shows the song that is currently playing.
    -play <title/url> | Plays the provided song.
    -playlists | Shows the available playlist.
    -queue <page number> | Shows the current queue.
    -remove <position/ALL> | Removes a song from the queue.
    -search <query> | Searches Youtube for a provided query.
    -scsearch <query> | Searches SoundCloud for a provided query.
    -shuffle | Shuffles songs you have added.
    -skip | skips the current song
    -pause | pauses the current song
    -repeat [on|off] | re-adds music to the queue when finished
    -skipto [position] | skips to the specified song
    -stop | skips to the specified song
    -volume [0-150] | sets or shows volume

    General Commands
    - Your/Others Account
    -signup - Sign up to get your own account today!
    -update - Update your TPC
    -commandsearch - Search commands
    -colorme - Change the color of your name via custom roles
    -bank - Bank operations
    -leaderboard - Server / global leaderboard
    -flip - Flips a coin... or a user.
    -lmgtfy - Creates a lmgtfy link
    -poll - Starts/stops a poll
    -serverinfo - Shows server's informations
    -stopwatch - Starts/stops stopwatch
    -urban - Urban Dictionary search
    -userinfo - Shows users's informations
    -gif - Retrieves first search result from giphy
    -gifr - Retrieves a random gif from a giphy search
    -imgur - Retrieves pictures from imgur
    -lvlinfo - Gives more specific details about user profile image
    -profile - Displays a user profile
    -rank - Displays the rank of a user
    -rep - Gives a reputation point to a designated player.
    -top - Displays leaderboard.

    Mini Games Commands
    -roll - Rolls random number (between 1 and user choice)
    -rps - Play rock paper scissors
    -slot - Play the slot machine
    -8 - Ask 8 ball a question
    -choose - Chooses between multiple choices
    -payday - Get some free credits
    -payouts - Shows slot machine payouts

    -nickometer - Tells you how lame a person with this name is, 100% accurate.
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    Greetings Curt, welcome to the community!

    Thank you for posting this, I think it will help quite a few people.
    For this reason I'll make the post a sticky.

    Thanks again,
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