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    [​IMG] - Guidelines & Rules -

    - Be Respectful
    Every member that is part of MC-Lounge deserves to be treated with respect and equally. Be as friendly as you can. If you fail to follow this rule, you will be warned, which can be lead to a temporary ban.

    - Post in Appropriate Section(s)
    Make sure you're in the right section for whatever you're going to post. Moderators will generally be moving threads to the right section but prevent posting in the wrong section. If not sure, confirm it together with someone else or a staff member.

    - Report Threads/Content/Post(s)
    If you feel like someone is doing something wrong or against the rules on a content, thread or a post, please report the content instead of starting a fight or whatsoever.

    - Suggestions/Feedback
    You may make suggestions and give feedback to whatever is on including user threads. This is a good way to get good reputation in the community.

    Do Not:

    - Use Profanity and/or Post Inappropriate Content(s)
    MC-Lounge will not tolerate the use of profanity and inappropriate contents. You will receive a warning, and the next time seen will be lead to a temporary ban.

    - Flame or Trash
    Do not flame members of the community including staff. This includes trashing threads by other members or staff, and encouraging flame wars. If seen someone doing this, report them by reporting the content. (If you have nothing good to say, do not say anything at all other than giving feedback hastily. If you must leave a de-vouch, leave one, however remain polite and do not engage in arguments.)

    - Spam Post(s) / Thread(s)
    Posts or threads that does not make sense at all such as
    Spam posts will be deleted immediately by staff, and you will receive a notice. Second Offense will be a warning.

    - Use Inappropriate Names
    This includes racist names, names to impersonate someone, or anything that would bother anyone. If caught, your name will be changed to something random and will be able to request a name change within the next 24 hours. If in serious matters, you will be forced to create a new account.

    Sectional Rules (Coming Soon)

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